Household budget tool

Thanks for your interest in my $0.99 household budgeting tool, referenced at I hope your bougette is bulging.

You’ll need a basic understanding of Excel to make it work, and I’ve included instructions as well. It guarantees we’re saving when we need to, and forces us to carry over enough money from week to week to cover the big monthly expenses (yikes, the mortgage is due?). It categorizes our income and expenses, manages our cash flow (spouse and I are paid on different schedules) and lets us plan ahead for bigger events (birthday party, summer vacation, holidays, back-to-school clothes). You’ll notice the use of cash in the instructions as well. Yes, I also use my 8-year-old’s envelope/checklist method.

The file will be emailed to you (currently in Excel 2013) upon receipt of payment via Paypal. Thank you!

Household budgeting tool

Household budgeting tool for weekly income and expenses and long term savings; instructions included.


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